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The Best Way to Prevent a Slip and Fall is
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What is

​​Static Coefficient of Friction
​is the frictional resistance between objects when starting motion. We utilize the ASM 825A Slipmeter to wet test the walking surface. The higher the rating the lower the likelihood of slip occurances. 
Every year slips and falls are the leading cause of worker comp claims, as well as the #1 reason for lost days of work.

Per the CPSC, 2 million falls a year can be attributed to floors and/or flooring material.

Half of all accidental deaths at home are a result of a fall, with most of those happening on flat ground. Falls are the second leading cause of injury-related death in people 65 and older.

Unfortunately every decade of life increases our chances of slips and falls. 40% of nursing home admissions are a result of falls.

Why a High C.O.F is Important.

A 0.1 increase in a surfaces' C.O.F. can have a 21% reduction in slip and fall occurrences
Secure footing L.L.C is a floor safety company specializing in traction enhancements for existing walking surfaces that become hazardous when wet. ​As a Certified Solutions Provider of Slip Doctors we utilize their industry leading traction enhancement portfolio to increase the C.O.F. of a surface.

Our 1, 2, 3 treatment process, which works on most surfaces, allows for drastic increases in a surfaces' traction with No Change in Appearence.  Want a change of appearence? We offer a wide range of products with multiple color and sheen options. Custom Color match is available with extended lead time.
Our Cost effective investment in the safety of your Business, Customers, Employees and Loved Ones comes with a 2 year manufacturer and installation Warranty, with scheduled bi-annual visits.
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